Cost saving options regarding surgery:     These are applicable if you are paying cash, have a health savings account, have limited funds in the lien (legal cases), or do not have insurance. The methods include: surgical centers, rehabilitation centers, different locations, pre-negotiating surgeon and assistant fees, modifying the hardware utilized and/or procedure, and paying hardware cost at time of surgery. All these options and arrangements can be made by our office:

surgical centers: Often hospitals are much more costly than surgical centers. Most all spinal surgeries can be done safely in surgical centers. This may dramatically decrease the cost. If prolonged care is required, often the patient can be transported to a rehabilitation center after surgery for further savings. The cost of surgical centers in St. George, Utah (1 1/2 hours from Las Vegas may by 1/3 the cost. Dr. Muir has privileges at the following surgical centers:

rehabilitation centers: Costs can be dramatically reduced by being transported to a rehabilitation center after surgery from either a surgical center or a hospital. There are multiple excellent rehabilitation centers that can be utilized both in the Las Vegas area and Southern Utah. Those in St. George, Utah are often 1/2 the cost of those in Las Vegas. The following are some the rehabilitation centers that Dr. Muir utilizes:

location: Hospitals and surgical centers are quite costly in Las Vegas compared to St. George, Utah (1 1/2 hours drive from Las Vegas). Cost savings can be from 50% to 400%. Cost savings at El Cima Hospital in Costa Rica (including transportation, hotel, and all other costs) can be up to 10 times!! I have done multiple surgeries in Costa Rica and the hospital is much nicer than the majority in the US. The following are hospitals and surgical centers outside the Las Vegas area where Dr. Muir has done many surgeries:

pre-negotiate surgeon and assistant fees: Dr. Muir will do everything possible and reasonable so you can have the surgery.

modify the hardware utilized and/or procedure: Often certain modifications and options in the procedure can be considered with excellent results. Dr. Muir can discuss your particular case, options, and the pros and cons.

pay for hardware at time of surgery: Often the hospital with charge you 5 times the retail cost of the hardware. Sometimes the retail cost of the hardware can be up to $20,000. If the surgery is performed at a surgical center or in Costa Rica the charge is the retail price and sometimes less than retail.

(injections): These can often be performed in our injection suite at our office (at approximately 1/3 the cost) or in St. George, Utah with significant savings.